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The Secrets of the Foot Fetish!

The Secrets of the Foot Fetish!

A strong relationship is built on a strong foundation divulging the Secrets of the Foot Fetish. Being open and honest with your partner helps build trust, improve communication, and deepen your bond. This holds true both inside and outside the bedroom. 

Secrets of the Foot Fetish

There’s nothing sexier than sharing your deepest desires, fantasies, and fetishes with your significant other. Not only is your confidence in asking for what you want and need a total turn-on but most people get off on pleasing their partners. Chances are if you share what you want, your SO will be more than happy to deliver.

If you’re like 1 in 7 adults, your secret fetish may involve feet. Foot fetishes are wildly popular for a variety of reasons. From sexy footwear and accessories to the look, smell, feel, and yes, taste, of toes, ankles, and the like, people are obsessed with feet! If this describes you, it’s probably time to incorporate your foot fetish into your sexual routine.

Keep reading for 5 tips on indulging your foot fetish behind closed doors in ways that satisfy both you and your lover!

1. Practice the Art of Massage

Who doesn’t like a nice relaxing massage? While some people don’t enjoy having their feet touched because it tickles or gives them goosebumps, if you have a foot fetish, you’re probably DYING to either give or receive a foot massage. Ask your partner which one they prefer. If they’re interested, take turns massaging one another’s feet.

Start by setting the scene. Create a comfortable area for you to massage one another. You can do it sitting up or lying down in bed or another private area. Invest in some quality massage oil or lubricant. There are countless varieties to choose from including heated or edible oil. (Edible oil is ideal if you want to lick your partner’s toes clean once you’re done.) Play soothing music, light some candles, and get to work! Studies show that a relaxing foot massage can actually lead to sexual arousal, better sex, and more intense orgasms. Foot fetish or not, this sounds like something you should try!

2. Play Footsies (with ALL Your Body Parts)

Have you ever heard of a “foot job”? As the name suggests, it’s basically a hand job using your feet. If you’re a guy with a foot fetish, ask your girl if she’s willing to get you off using nothing but her gorgeous, soft feet. Ladies, if you have a foot fetish, giving a “foot job” can be extremely erotic, satisfying, and empowering. There’s something naughty about having your man in the palm of your hands (or should we say between the soles of your feet?). 

If you’ve never stimulated someone’s genitals using your feet, it’s important to start slowly and gently. Your feet aren’t quite the same as your hands, which means it may take you a little longer to gain control over the pressure and technique you use. Nothing kills the mood faster than an accidental kick to your lover’s nether regions. Take your time and communicate with each other. Let your SO know what feels good and where and don’t forget to explore other body parts as well. 

3. Put on a Fashion Show

Do you love the look and feel of feet in high heels, sneakers, thigh-high boots, sandals, or even ballet slippers? Why not put on a footwear fashion show in the bedroom? Add accessories, costumes, and lingerie. If your partner is the one with the foot fetish, they’ll love seeing your gorgeous tootsies all dressed up. Coordinate your footwear with your outfit or use these accessories as naughty inspiration for some role-playing activities. Get creative and leave your shoes on during sex, make your lover take them off with their teeth, or put on a sexy strip tease. Play around with other accessories as well like fishnet stockings and socks, toe rings, ankle bracelets, and fake tattoos.

4. Check Out Feet Pics Online

For someone with a foot fetish, looking at and buying feet pics online is the equivalent of viewing pornography. In recent years, an increasing number of websites have popped up that are dedicated specifically to buying and selling feet pics. Websites like FunwithFeet let you browse by category so there’s no shortage of content to choose from. 

Head over to one of these platforms and start looking! Ask your partner to join you or send them links to particularly sexy feet pics that turn you on. Showing your SO exactly what you like helps them better understand your foot fetish and gives them the knowledge they need to meet your naughty needs. You can also partake in your own photo shoot. Take sexy pictures of your own feet in different poses and positions or use props and accessories. Send them off to your lover as part of your sexting game. Be sure to add plenty of details about how the pictures make you feel and what you want to do with them later. You can also ask your partner to return the favor and snap a few pics of their own. 

5. Experiment with Foot Bondage 

Now let’s talk about the kinky side of foot fetishism – foot bondage. BDSM is one of the most popular and widely recognized fetishes. It includes everything from a dominant and submissive relationship to mild spanking, handcuffs, blindfolds, and more. The activities you choose to engage in are all based on your comfort level and personal preferences. 

Foot bondage falls under this category and involves wrapping a person’s feet using different restraints like ropes, tape, or cuffs. Foot bondage is actually an art form that requires practice and technique. There are various ways to bind a person’s foot for both physical and aesthetic pleasure. You can start off with something basic like cuffing your partner to the bed by their ankles while teasing and pleasing their feet and gradually progressing to more intricate knots and methods of foot binding. Just make sure your lover is comfortable with this practice. 

Taking the First Step to Indulge Your Foot Fetish

If you have a secret foot fetish, you’re not alone. It’s time to let the world (or at least your significant other) know about your naughty needs and interests. Once you divulge your foot fetish, try these beginner techniques for incorporating foot play into your sex life. From erotic massages and roleplaying to more intense BDSM play and bondage practices, you can explore every level of your foot fetish from the comfort of your bedroom.